Unclog Cambridge has been set up to to dispel many of the myths and promote the many positive benefits that a Congestion Charge and related massive investment in transport would bring. We are not part of, or associated with, Cambridgeshire County Council.

We believe that discussions on the proposals so far have not given sufficient weighting to key facts. Coverage has focussed entirely on the Congestion Charge and often overlooked the enormous package of up-front funding that would be invested before any Charge.

The scale of the problem we face has also not been made clear. With 47,500 new homes to be built around Cambridge by 2016, the potential for gridlock beyond current levels is enormous and could well have disastrous economic and environmental effects. To put this figure in context, the 2001 census gives Cambridge’s population at almost 109,000 (including students).

Furthermore, we believe that those opposing the proposals must give a positive and realistic assessment of where the enormous levels of transport investment needed in the city will otherwise come from. Claims, by PACCA (see other groups page) for instance, about providing alternatives fail to make clear where such money would come from.

We call upon everyone around the city to read the facts of the scheme and to judge for themselves.

Who are we?

Unclog Cambridge is an initiative started up by Cambridge Cycling Campaign, a local voluntary body with around 1,000 fee-paying members, working for better, safer and more cycling in and around Cambridge.

We are independent of the County Council and they are in no way associated with material we publish here. Views published here are our own.

We are not associated with any political party.

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