Expanded bus network

The general bus network would be considerably expanded as a result of the up-front funding that would come with congestion charging, as the list below shows.

Park & Ride bus

Although some cyclists will regard bus improvements as potentially unfavourable, the alternative would be a massive increase in cars instead. Also, some of these refer to Segregated busways which (as we understand it) would have the effect of taking away buses from streets like Milton Road, where space could be freed up for cycling. Furthermore, the availability of a much larger amount of money than previously means that there should be much less excuse for making such changes better designed (we think by moving verges and underlying services etc.).

The list in the County’s documentation [table 0.12] shows:

City Centre Access:

(UnclogCambridge would want to see implementation of smartcard ticketing and on-street payment facilities introduced as soon as possible in the programme scheduling.)

North Cambridge Busway:

North Cambridge Access:

West Cambridge Busway:


West Cambridge Access:

East Cambridge Busway:

East Cambridge Access:

Hills Road:

South Cambridge Access:

This diagram shows the changes just for the South area. More diagrams on pages 36-38 of the County’s documentation show other areas also.

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