New train station at Chesterton

A new train station at Chesterton, Chesterton Parkway, would mean that people coming from the north of the city could avoid driving through the city centre to get to the main station.

This kind of scheme is not cheap and will require funds of the size that the up-front investment of hundreds of millions of pounds would bring.

Section 3.34 of the County’s documentation states:

  • Creation of a new station at Chesterton in the north of Cambridge, to provide enhanced access to the rail network and reduce pressure on Cambridge city station.
  • Enhancements to the level of rail services: all fast London services will either start at or call at Chesterton and there will be an additional service between Ely and Cambridge every hour.
  • To provide car and public transport access to the new Chesterton Station. The station will be accessible by car without entering the Congestion Charging Zone and have 400 parking spaces. The station will be served by High Quality Public Transport network linking to Science Park / Northstowe / St Ives via the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway and onwards to the city centre and southern fringe via fully segregated busways to Newmarket Road and onwards.

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