The Chisholm Trail: a cycling/walking super-highway

Chisholm Trail map

The Chisholm Trail, joining Addenbrooke’s to the Science Park would attract many new cyclists and walkers, and would replace many 40-minute car journeys with a great 10-minute cycle route and open up many areas

The Chisholm Trail would be a major new cycleway/footway that would run roughly alongside the railway, joining Addenbrooke’s to the Science Park and beyond. It would attract many new cyclists and walking journeys, and make many journeys that take perhaps 40 minutes by car cycleable in 10 minutes. Reducing vehicle volumes by just 10% results in much greater reductions in congestion, as is clear when schools are on holiday.

The Chisholm Trail would form a shining example of national best practice

Chisholm Trail section

The trail would link the south of the city directly with the cycle provision which is being created as part of the development of the Guided Bus. The proposed trail would follow the railway through the east side of the city linking areas of high-density housing, employment and leisure facilities. Hubs such as Addenbrooke’s Hospital, the Science Park and the train station will all lie on the route, creating a cycling super-highway.

The Chisholm Trail plan is included in the Local Plan document and in the Demand Management proposals issued in autumn 2007. A feasibility study could be done to identify the relevant landowners, pin down costs and begin to get bodies such as the county and city councils working to make this vision a reality.

So far the route has been safeguarded by ensuring that planning applications do not block it.

The route would need the co-operation of Network Rail, and we believe this is achievable and increasingly likely.

The route is a great example of a high-profile scheme which will cut journey times, give people a genuine, realistic alternative to car use and help the city cope with the population increases which will take place in the coming years.

The pictures below show how there is space alongside the railway – a quirk of history, that – if funding of several millions of pounds were available – could be put to good use.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s website has more information on the Chisholm Trail, and there is a feature on it in ‘Cycling 2020’.

Chisholm Trail section Chisholm Trail section

Chisholm Trail section

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