Hybrid cycle lanes

Hybrid cycle lanes would be a major innovation and improvement for both existing cyclists and new people who would be encouraged to start cycling.

This type of provision is sometimes found in areas of Holland where (like Cambridge) road space is limited.

‘Hybrid cycle lanes’ are an attempt to combine the best aspects of both on-road cycle lanes and off-road cycle tracks, whilst excluding the harmful aspects of both. They are on-road cycle lanes that have some kind of physical demarcation to provide the feeling of protection that less confident cyclists want.

These two photographs from Groningen in the Netherlands are clear examples:

In Groningen
In Groningen

The key physical aspects are:

As a result:

Hybrid cycle lanes are unlikely under present conditions because they could need a full-scale change to the road layout (including moving of services underneath), as well as freed-up roadspace. But the benefits would be considerable.

Cambridge Cycling Campaign’s website has more information on hybrid cycle lanes, and there is a feature on them in ‘Cycling 2020’.

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