Improvements to on-road cycling conditions

The congestion charge would spearhead the freeing up of more space for cycling on roads, and the up-front money that would accompany a charge would pay for schemes to make space on the roads that have previously been too expensive.

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Hills Road, for instance, between the Station junction and the Catholic Church junction would become bus/taxi/cycles only, and would improve a difficult area for cycling.

Madingley Road and Huntingdon Road would become a one-way ring, with a new access road joining the two as part of the new North West Cambridge development proposed for between these two roads. This would mean that Madingley Road could finally have high-quality on-street conditions, which could not be achieved any other way.

Milton Road would eventually have its bus lanes removed as buses would be on a dedicated route meeting up with the railway. Thus, this kind of poor-quality, pavement provision would no longer be needed:

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The congestion charge itself would have the effect of freeing up roadspace, meaning that further areas could be improved over time.

See also the section on Hybrid cycle lanes.

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