Other groups

We are not afraid to acknowledge that there are others who are against the proposals for a Congestion Charge, even though this would come with hundreds of millions of up-front investment. Groups against the proposals will in our view be key amongst those responsible for the loss of millions of pounds of inward investment into Cambridge if the proposals are scrapped. However, we strongly respect their right to disagree and to engage in the debate.

We challenge all those groups listed here to provide a clear link to www.UnclogCambridge.com by way of reciprocity and balance.


PACCA (People Against Congestion Charging Alliance) is “the alliance created by Cambridge Chamber of Commerce to oppose the introduction of a congestion charge in Cambridge”.

Latest news: PACCA say that “A series of discussions will provide a much-needed opportunity for businesses and individuals to raise their own suggestions for combating the city’s congestion problem, with topics including the park and ride scheme, cycling, buses, travel patterns and attitudes towards congestion.” However, they make no effort to explain where such money to fund all this would come from. We challenge them to do so.

Road Pricing Action Group

According to their website, “The RPAG exists to collate and disseminate information on Road Pricing schemes in the UK. We are made up largely of IT professionals based in the Cambridge area. We take a sceptical view and generally regard road pricing schemes as too much technology with too many drawbacks trying to solve a relatively simple problem.”

The simple schemes they propose, such as reductions in on-street car parking, are all very valid and sensible proposals. However, many of these require serious funding – the source of which is not stated – and it has to be asked how easily making space on the roads for alternatives will be achieved without the up-front traffic reduction that a charge would bring.