Issues: Addenbrooke’s inside the zone

Some people at Addenbrooke’s want to see Addenbrooke’s being outside the zone.

However, this would not change the fact that the vast majority of people for whom the 7.30am-9.30am change would still be driving through other parts of the city that would be affected by a charge zone. As such, putting Addenbrooke’s outside the zone would be fruitless for those who wish to see it excluded.

One solution, if further research shows the charging of patients who must arrive at the hospital daily between 7.30am and 9.30am would be unfair, is that specific patients could be given individual exemptions. This mirrors the reductions people already receive in parking.

Addenbrooke’s is already in a position to lower costs for such patients by reducing car parking charges for those specific people.

By contrast, blanket exemption of Addenbrooke’s would mean that those with non-serious illnesses would have no disincentive to do their bit to avoid the traffic problems of the area. Addenbrooke’s management could also do much to improve cycling links to and around the site, incentivising this form of transport.

There are many existing problems on the site, including a shortage of cycle parking, and poor access to the site, that could be improved in order to improve the likelihood that those with less serious illnesses would come by bike.

Of course in the short term, there are bound to be difficulties created for some people. But in the longer term, demand management should help everyone.

Better funding and provision of public transport – as would come if the overall proposals go ahead – would mean fewer people needing to travel to car, thus freeing up car parking spaces on-site for those who have poorer access to public transport or specific needs.

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