Issues: Would businesses suffer?

We hope to put more detailed information online shortly on this topic, as time allows.

Avoiding the costs of current congestion

Businesses already suffer from the costs of congestion.

The County Council’s documentation claims a reduction in travel time of 30% on current levels. [See page on this.] This is time which would be used more productively:

(NB: Travel time reductions are likely to be greater than levels of absolute traffic reduction, because delays increase non-linearly near the saturation point – which key junctions already are at. More info on this.)

What about small businesses?

Small businesses, who have to travel in Cambridge, but whose time is nonethless valuable, would find the cost of a Charge likely to be more-than-offset by the saving in time, i.e. that the time spent previously in traffic jams could instead be used on chargeable work.

‘White van’ delivery drivers in London are amongst those who have experienced such benefits.

The London case

In the case of the London Congestion Charge, which is the nearest case study we have, it was welcomed locally by the business lobby – London First.

Their report ‘Getting London to Work‘ shows how that scheme has resulted in the following, in their words (headings on pages 10-12):

Of course, “Cambridge is not London”, but this does give a good indication that, under the right conditions, congestion charging can relieve some of the costs that businesses currently incur as a result in congestion.

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