Myth: “Ditton Meadows would be split in two” – not true

One of the many aspects of the plans is for bus/cycle provision which runs directly next to the railway already going across Stourbridge Common.

In the 70s/80s there was a large campaign against a new bridge running diagonally across Ditton Meadows, which would have been very obtrusive and would have gone high over the railway. We would be against such a proposal if it were ever to return.

The current proposals instead concern a rather different type of proposal – namely the addition to the side of the existing railway of an additional transport link, which would follow the same route as that of the railway.

Buses and cycles would leave Newmarket Road, follow the railway route, and meet with the proposed Chesterton Parkway rail station (if the funding from the Congestion Charge proposals goes ahead). That area is currently taken up with abandoned sidings. (Putting the bus/cycle provision on the West side would mean that it need not cross the railway.) It would then join up with the Guided Bus route currently under construction.

In our view the proposals are very different to the old ‘Ditton Meadows’ proposals and are worthy of further examination. They could be achieved without significant intrusion.

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