Myths: “Money from a charge wouldn’t go back into transport” – not true

The government legislation that allows for the introduction of what it describes as ‘road-user charging’ is contained in the Transport Act 2000.

It is a legal requirement that all moneys go back into transport for the first ten year period of any such scheme. In our view, that ten year period would likely be extended following the introduction of a successful scheme. In practice, national road charging might well be in place by this time (c. 2022) anyway.

The powers allow local authorities to introduce road-user charging and workplace parking levy schemes. These powers are contained in part III, sections 162 to 200, and schedules 12 and 13 of the Act.

Schedule 12 of the Transport Act 2000 states:

“the relevant authority’s share of the net proceeds is available only for application for the purpose of directly or indirectly facilitating the achievement of any policies or proposals relating to transport.”

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