Myth: “The operating costs would eat up the revenue costs” – report shows otherwise

Opponents claim that the operating costs would be above the revenue costs.

The projections in the County Council’s report shows otherwise. Even if the operating costs doubled, they would still be less than half the revenue forecast.

Table 0.8 shows the costs of the Congestion Charging Scheme during the set-up period and early years of operation. This demonstrates that annual operating costs would not exceed the target of 25% of annual revenues. The higher level of operating costs in the opening year represent one-off set-up costs. Surplus revenue will be reinvested into the transport network.

Operating costs table

To some extent, however, revenue costs are less relevant (compared say to London) because of the up-front money which the scheme would bring.

The technology proposed is the ‘Tag and Beacon’ system, which is the technology the London scheme is now moving towards and which is already used on roads like the M6 Toll Road.

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